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How Women in Luxury Watches Are Shaking Up the Male-Dominated Watch Market

3 min read
July 5, 2024

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  • Increasing number of women investing in luxury watches
  • Rediscovering watches as accessories and investments
  1. The Growing Influence of Female Collectors in the Luxury Watch Market
  • Market growth and statistics
  • Historical context of women watch collectors
  • Examples of modern female watch collectors
  1. Women's Watch Connoisseurs: Rising Influence and Investment Potential
  • Prominent female figures in the watch-collecting community
  • Impact of platforms like Dimepiece and Female Watch Enthusiasts
  • Investment potential during economic uncertainty
  1. Embracing Tokenization in the Luxury Watch Market
  • Introduction to Tokenization and Aconomy
  • Benefits of tokenization: Trade, Auction, Lend, Swap
  1. Conclusion
  • Empowering women in the luxury watch market through tokenization
  • Enhancing investments with on-chain technology

The increasing number of women investing in luxury watches is catching everyone's attention. Instead of settling for smartwatches, many women in luxury watches are making smart moves by investing in the timeless elegance of traditional silent timepieces. They are rediscovering watches not only as gorgeous accessories that complement a modern lifestyle but also as potential investments. This article will explore why women in luxury watches are drawn to these exquisite pieces and how tokenization can revolutionize their investment potential.

The Growing Influence of Female Collectors in the Luxury Watch Market

Watchmakers are increasingly recognizing the growing influence of female watch collectors. According to Allied Market Research, the women’s watch segment, valued at $23.7 billion in 2019, is projected to reach $26.7 billion by 2027. This growth is driven largely by female watch collectors who are increasingly making an investment in luxury watches for themselves, rather than receiving them as gifts. 

However, women’s interest in watch collecting is not a new phenomenon. The oldest record of a wristwatch is found in Breguet’s archival “register of commissions,” revealing that Napoleon I of France's youngest sister & Queen of Naples Caroline Murat was one of the first female watch collectors. At 23, she purchased a “repeater watch for bracelet” and eventually acquired a total of 34 watches from Breguet.

Building on this rich history, modern women continue to show a strong interest in investing in luxury watches. Ellen DeGeneres, for example, has amassed a diverse watch collection that includes both modern and vintage pieces, featuring several iterations of Rolexes and Patek Philippes. NASA astronaut Jessica Meir also boasts a collection of luxury watches, including the Omega Skywalker X-33, Skagen SKW6175, and Timex TWC013900. 

Even, according to Deloitte’s 2023 Swiss Watch Industry Study, women are earning more and making more luxury watch purchases than ever before. This isn’t it, there’s more to it — Women's Watch Connoisseurs making waves in the luxury watch market. 

Women's Watch Connoisseurs: Rising Influence and Investment Potential

Women's watch connoisseurs are increasingly making their presence known, showcasing their passions, preferences, and buying power. Influential figures such as Zoe Abelson, Malaika Crawford, J.J Owens, Trang Trinh, and Brynn Wallner are leading the charge. They have introduced platforms like Dimepiece, Female Watch Enthusiasts & more where women found a space to get insights into the watch world, share captivating stories and learn about the histories of iconic watches, and opportunities to purchase and invest in pre-loved luxury timepieces. 

Leading Women Watch Connoisseurs
Leading Women Watch Connoisseurs

The impact of these initiatives is evident. Dimepiece amassed 50,000 followers on Instagram, and Female Watch Enthusiasts attracted over 150 members from 15 countries within just 24 hours of its launch. This rapid growth highlights women's increasing interest and involvement in watch investment, reflecting their bullish outlook on the market and their commitment to making informed decisions.

This growing interest in rare luxury watches is particularly notable during times of economic uncertainty, as these timepieces are seen as alternative assets. As Brynn Wallner, founder of Dimepiece, aptly puts it, "In uncertain financial times, a luxury watch made by a prestigious name can feel like stored wealth, an object that's going to retain its value, if not increase it." This sentiment underscores the enduring appeal and investment potential of luxury watches for women around the world.

Embracing Tokenization in Luxury Watch Market

To further enhance this investment potential, the introduction of tokenization represents the next frontier for women watch collectors. With the advent of Aconomy, women in luxury watches will be able to tokenize their luxury watches, creating a digital token that documents each watch's rich history on-chain. This ensures that every detail of the watch's history and ownership is immutably recorded, providing undeniable provenance, transparency, and trust.

Unlock the Potential of Luxury Watches Through Tokenization 

  • Trade: With Aconomy, women will be able to easily trade luxury watches on-chain without the need for middlemen. This will enable asset owners to democratize access to their assets and realize the latent liquidity of their assets, which is difficult to achieve in the traditional market.
  • Auction: Conducting and participating in secure, transparent on-chain auctions for luxury watches will become possible with Aconomy. This feature will provide access to a global marketplace, increasing the potential for higher bids and better returns on investment. 
  • Lend: Securing loans against luxury watches will become easy, allowing women to gain instant liquidity without selling their assets. This innovative approach will enable collectors to unlock the value of their watches while retaining ownership, providing much-needed financial flexibility. 
  • Swap: The option to swap luxury watches with other tokenized luxury assets will diversify and enhance collections. This feature will create a dynamic and interactive market where collectors can easily exchange assets, discover new items, and keep their collections fresh and exciting.

Therefore, by embracing tokenization and utilizing Aconomy - RWA Marketplace, women in luxury watches can confidently navigate the luxury watch market, preserving the authenticity and value of their collections while enjoying the benefits of on-chain technology. This forward-thinking approach empowers women in the watch market to make informed, strategic decisions, enhancing their investments in the world of luxury watches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increasing Female Investment: Women are increasingly investing in luxury watches, recognizing their value as timeless, elegant accessories and potential investment assets.
  • Historical Significance: The tradition of women collecting luxury watches dates back centuries, with notable historical figures like Queen Caroline Murat paving the way.
  • Modern Influence: Influential female watch collectors and platforms like Dimepiece and Female Watch Enthusiasts are reshaping the luxury watch market, creating communities and opportunities for women to invest in and learn about high-end timepieces.
  • Economic Appeal: Luxury watches are seen as stable investments during economic uncertainty, offering a sense of stored wealth and potential appreciation in value.
  • Tokenization Revolution: The introduction of tokenization can transform the luxury watch market. Platforms like Aconomy can empower women to document, trade, and secure loans against their watches on-chain, providing transparency and enhanced investment opportunities.


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Why are more women investing in luxury watches instead of smartwatches?

Many women are choosing traditional luxury watches over smartwatches due to their timeless elegance, potential as investment assets, and the rich history associated with these timepieces. Luxury watches are seen not only as beautiful accessories but also as valuable investments that can be appreciated over time.

What historical significance do women have in the luxury watch market?

Women have a long history of collecting luxury watches. One of the earliest records is of the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, who purchased a repeater watch from Breguet in the early 19th century. This tradition continues today with notable female watch collectors influencing the market.

How are women impacting the modern luxury watch market?

Women are increasingly influencing the luxury watch market by purchasing high-end timepieces for themselves, rather than receiving them as gifts. Influential female watch collectors and platforms like Dimepiece and Female Watch Enthusiasts groups are creating spaces for women to learn, share, and invest in luxury watches, highlighting their growing presence in the market.

What role does tokenization play in the luxury watch market?

Tokenization allows for the creation of digital tokens that represent ownership of luxury watches, recording their history and provenance on-chain. This technology provides transparency, security, and the ability to trade or secure loans against these watches without intermediaries, enhancing their investment potential.

How does Aconomy contribute to the tokenization of luxury watches?

Aconomy - An RWA Marketplace, will enable women to tokenize their luxury watches, ensuring detailed, immutable records of each watch's history and ownership on-chain. This platform will allow for secure trading, lending, and other transactions, offering instant liquidity and preserving the authenticity and value of luxury watch collections.

About Aconomy

Aconomy is a decentralized asset tokenization platform that empowers individuals to seamlessly tokenize and trade their real-world assets on-chain. With a vision to foster a parallel on-chain asset economy, Aconomy enables its users to tokenize real-world assets ranging from vintage watches and luxury art to rare books. As an asset tokenization company, Aconomy is revolutionizing interactions with tangible assets by democratizing on-chain asset ownership through the dematerialization of RWAs. With the focus on enhancing liquidity in real-world asset classes, Aconomy enables the asset validators to stake their validator collateral (if required) in USDT in asset-NFT to not only validate & vouch for the asset's authenticity but also transform them into Pi-NFT (with 1:1 backing & induced liquidity). This transformation opens up a pathway for numerous asset trading opportunities on-chain like selling, auctioning, lending, swapping, and redeeming  -  all in a secure and transparent manner, which are not often available in the traditional economy.